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Cabin Fever

Cabin fever is a circus comedy show with a difference.

The retreat to Mökki is entwined into Finnish life. It’s not just a place in nature but a state of mind. An obvious topic of interest then for a new circus comedy show from a Northern Irishman who’s dealing with his new surroundings.

What comes of two cultures when the world delivers lockdown? How does the old world of Vaudeville Circus and new age Finnish Contemporary Circus look like after physical and mental isolation?

Four short videos made for digital viewing each have their own unique outlook with circus, music and location.
Released online for limited period of time.

Performed by Simon Llewellyn,

Filmed and edited by Heikki Järvinen.

Music composition by Joona Kukkola.

Digital audio looping by Juha Sipilä.

Percussion by Janne Tuomi. 

Supported by Taike, The Arts Promotion Centre of Finland 

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Press the Youtube icon to go and see more Cabin Fever videos

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Youtube Comments



Part 4...."I will smile for the rest of the day"

Part 2...."Loving this series, very inspirational, captures the jugglers heart and mind in the daily task. The plate work was phenomenal. Keep up the great work."

Part 2....."The videography of this is amazing! Really well presented and highlights the tricks perfectly"


Part 1.... "Wow Thanks"

Part 2....."A xylophone shish kabob! Removing a bottle cap with a spinning ball! Clever, silly and inspired!"

Part 3...."Liked the paper airplane part and basket to head. Very cabin! much Fever! wow!!!"

Part 4..."Amazing"

Part 1...."Hieno! Ihan mahtava! Pure Art!"


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