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We are the champions

“We are the champions” is a 30 minute circus theatre show around the theme of achievement.
Uplifting and inspiring.
The show mixes high level choreographed circus acts of football juggling, hat and cane manipulation, mouth stick balances with fun audience warm ups, dancing, singing and participation.
Suitable for all ages.

Up to 3 shows a day with an hours break in between
Space requirements 4m x 4mx 4m
Set up and take down can be done in 20mnutes.

Can work in all environments, weather, type of ground, size of audience, indoors and out.


Simon Llewellyn has performed for over 25 years in over 20 countries, from the royals of England and cabaret audiences of Europe to the children in refugee camps in Jordan. No venue too small, no audience too big!


Simon’s show is funny, surprising and lets the audience participate if they want"


Valtteri Virtanen

Vastaava Ohjaaja

Lastenkulttuurikeskus Seikkailupuisto, Turku

"Simon Llewellyn was a great part of our 2022 Festival. His show was a hit with our audiences"

Georgia Simpson

Festival Producer

Festival of Fools, Belfast, Northern Ireland

"That was the best the school has ever offered!" "Best performance in the school so far"

Students of Arvo Ylpön School 2022


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Photos by Neil Hainsworth

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