About Me


Simon Llewellyn

Grew up in Belfast , Northern Ireland but is now based in Tampere, Finland .


I have been creating circus theatre shows since the early 2000’s and had the opportunity to perform across the globe.


I have performed as a solo performer and also incorporated in bigger group productions for indoor cabarets, stage shows and outdoor street theatre performances.

Social Circus

I was pedagogical co-ordinator for Belfast Circus School ( 2008-2014.)

I took part in the research and development of the Circus Trans Formation held under the umbrella of Caravan. ( 2009-2014 ). The umbrella organisation has over 25 members from around the world.

I have delivered 2 national teacher training courses (Ireland 2014, Finland 2016 ) , taught in the University of Tampere 2018, 2019 and numerous short courses around the world.

Modules include:

  • planning and evaluation

  • social context and environment

  • circus techniques and creativity

  • communication and conflict resolution

  • roles and responsibilities 


I have experience in working with a wide range of groups and can accommodate classes to different age ranges, backgrounds and abilities.

  • juggling

  • acrobatics

  • pair acrobatics and pyramid building

  • handstands

  • theatre and creativity

Clowns Without Borders 

A voluntary aid organisation which performs and offers workshops for communities around the world and in Ireland that are under stress or in crisis due to disease, war, poverty or discrimination. 

I have been on three tours as a performer or team leader. Palestine / Israel 2010, South Africa 2011, Jordan 2013 and was a board member  ( 2012-2015 )

2010 - present
2010 - present